Words of the Years Revisited

Not all “educated opinion” ages well.

See what you think.

An excerpt from a list of the ADS [American Dialect Society] Words of the Year, along with Time’s Person of the Year:

1995 ADS: (tie) World Wide Web and newt. Time: Newt Gingrich.

1996 ADS: mom, as in soccer mom. Time: David Ho, AIDS researcher.

1997 ADS: millennium bug. Time: Andy Grove, Intel CEO.

1998 ADS: e-. Time: Bill Clinton, Ken Starr.

1999 ADS: Y2K. Time: Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com.

2000 ADS: chad, scrap of paper punched from a voting card. Time: George W. Bush.

2001 ADS: 9/11. Time: Rudolph Giuliani.

2002 ADS: weapons of mass destruction, WMD. Time: The Whistleblowers (three women).

2003 ADS: metrosexual. Time: The American.

2004 ADS: red state, blue state, purple state. Time: George W. Bush.

2005 ADS: truthiness, popularized by Stephen Colbert. Time: Bono and Melinda and Bill Gates, the good Samaritans.

2006 ADS: plutoed, diminished or demoted, like the planet Pluto. Time: You, user of the Internet.

More here.


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